Turkish VR mental health startup Mindway received a new investment in the bridge tour

The local VR Mental Health startup Mindway announced that it received investment in the bridge tour attended by Fatih Isbecer & APY Ventures.

Founded in June 2022 with a pre-seed investment of $200 thousand by entrepreneur and serial investor Fatih Isbecer, the local startup Mindway announced that it has received a new investment in the bridge tour, which also includes Fatih Isbecer and APY Ventures.

Mindway, founded by Tevfik Ufuk Demirbas and Tim Levent Yurdum, plans to accelerate its production for the Apple Vision Pro platform and to scale on the Meta Quest platform with this investment.

Tevfik Ufuk Demirbas made a statement after the investment;

“Although there is not much know-how in the field of VR in our country, we have established a team that produces fast and very high quality. Our product, which we developed much faster than our global competitors, showed success in both B2C and B2B areas. In the coming quarters, our focus will be to rapidly scale and dominate the Vision Pro ecosystem, which we are working towards and we believe we are one of the best teams in the world to achieve that.”

Mindway, which plans to continue its investment tours with a seed tour, is known for its apps for VR glasses based on mental health and wellbeing.

Tim Levent Yurdum told why they chose this sector;

“People are always looking for solutions to the problems they experience in their inner world, but the wellbeing experience provided by mobile applications to the user is not immersive and is very limited: In VR, we take people on a journey within themselves by disconnecting them from the outside world, and we build this world in such a way that they can develop emotional abilities and mental coping methods. Reducing users’ anxiety and stress levels is both faster and more sustainable, and the fact that both end users and global hospitals and clinics benefit from Mindway in all age groups and demographics is proof of this.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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