Warning to Turkish consumers on ‘exorbitant prices and openly sold products’ in holiday shopping

Levent Küçük, President of the Consumer Association, warned consumers who are making holiday plans for Ramadan Bayram and preparing for holiday shopping to avoid being victims of various pitfalls.

Levent Küçük, President of the Consumer Association, told AA correspondent that there could be various pitfalls before the holiday.

Küçük emphasized the importance of choosing familiar and reputable places when buying food products such as holiday sweets, chocolates, nuts, and baklava, saying, “Especially for these purchases, attention should be paid to the expiration date. Because considering the intensity before the holiday, some unscrupulous sellers may put leftover products on the market under the guise of ‘cheap products,’ jeopardizing public health.”

Küçük also stressed the importance of paying attention to food products sold openly, emphasizing that consumers should choose safe products rather than sugar or chocolate poured onto the counter, as otherwise, health problems may arise.

“Choose well-known companies for holiday reservations” Küçük mentioned the increase in plans such as holidays and visits to relatives due to the 9-day holiday period and emphasized the importance of choosing well-known companies for both holiday reservations and transportation.

Küçük also pointed out the recent trend towards bungalow-style vacations and camping vacations, saying:

“As this is a newly accelerating sector, generally individual businesses or individuals provide these services. Since it is not highly institutionalized, it is also susceptible to exploitation. Therefore, citizens should trust reliable individuals and companies. There must be a contract when sending a deposit for a reservation. The name of the person or company with whom the contract is made and the name to which the money is sent must be the same. To avoid surprises or to be able to claim your rights if you encounter one, you must take precautions. Such reservations should be made with corporate companies.

Beware of fake websites, as many grievances can occur here. There are many complaints about transportation. Sometimes we encounter situations where the same ticket is sold to multiple people, so in such cases, the consumer must document this. They should take a photo, make a record so that they can apply to the Consumer Arbitration Board in case of any grievances. The consumer who believes they are victimized must have evidence. For this, they must obtain a receipt for all their purchases. Because without a receipt, you cannot apply to the Consumer Arbitration Board.”

“Pay attention to price lists in holiday destinations” Küçük reminded consumers who choose holiday destinations to spend the holiday that restaurants, cafes, and pastry shops are required to display price lists at the entrance and on the tables. “Consumers should pay attention to the presence of price lists, especially at the entrance and on the tables where services are received, in the holiday regions we visit. Consumers need to know what the cost of what they will eat and drink will be. If it is not there, they should complain about it. You may encounter exorbitant prices during the holiday period. There may be those who try to sell a product worth 50 liras for 100

source: aa.com.tr/ prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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