170 thousand vehicles were exported from Sakarya in 10 months

Of the 217 thousand 329 vehicles produced in Sakarya in 10 months, 170 thousand 422, corresponding to 78.4%, were sold abroad.

Sakarya, which ranks 7th in exports after Istanbul, Kocaeli, Bursa, Izmir, Ankara and Gaziantep, achieved foreign sales of $4 billion 639 million 473 thousand in the January-October period.

Sakarya made the most foreign sales in the automotive field with $4 billion 92 million 151 thousand, which corresponds to 88.2%.

According to Automotive Industry Association data, 847 thousand 728 of the 1 million 258 thousand 751 vehicles produced in Turkiye in a 10-month period were exported.

Sakarya, on the other hand, sold 170 thousand 422 of the 217 thousand 329 vehicles it produced abroad, which corresponds to 78.4%. Sakarya, which exported 157 thousand 810 vehicles in the January-October period last year, recorded an 8% increase in the said period this year.

Sakarya, which meets 20.1% of Turkiye’s vehicle exports, continues its rise with manufacturers such as Toyota, Otokar and TurkTraktor.

715 vehicles were taken off the belt per day

A total of 217 thousand 329 vehicles were produced in Sakarya in the 10-month period, including 170 thousand 492 automobiles, 1724 midibuses, 1460 buses, 134 pickup trucks, 764 small trucks and 42 thousand 755 tractors. Accordingly, 715 vehicles were taken off the line in the city per day.

While Toyota maintained its leadership in production and exports, TurkTraktor ranked second and Otokar ranked third.

Toyota contributed to the economy by exporting 153 thousand 492 of the 170 thousand 492 automobiles it produced, Otokar exported 1907 of the 4 thousand 82 buses, midibuses, pickup trucks and small trucks, and TurkTraktor contributed to the economy by exporting 15 thousand 23 of the 42 thousand 755 vehicles.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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