248 new factories are being established in Konya

Lots were drawn for preliminary allocation to investors in the Konya Organized Industrial Zone (KOS) 6th Section Expansion Area. In the draws held in the presence of a notary to determine the locations of the investors, the investment area demands of all industrialists who applied for preliminary allocation and met the conditions were met.

Memis Kutukcu, President of Konya Organized Industrial Zone and Organized Industrial Zones Supreme Organization (OSBUK), attended the 6th Section Expansion Area Pre-Allocation Draw Ceremony, held with the participation of industrialists, and gave information about the developments in the region and the allocation process.

Underlining that KOS has become the second largest OIZ in Turkiye, reaching a size of 31 million square meters with the 6th Section Expansion Area, Kutukcu thanked all participating industrialists who contributed to the growth of the region.

Pre-allocation was made to 248 investors. Explaining that they first produced 223 industrial parcels in the 6th Section Expansion Area, which consists of 8 million square meters, but later made arrangements to increase the number of parcels in line with the demands, Kutukcu said:

“In our first study, we produced 223 industrial parcels in our 6th Section Expansion Area. However, despite this parcel we produced, 265 investors applied to us for allocation. We also carried out a new subdivision study to meet the demands of all investors. With this work we carry out, we meet the investment area demand of all investors who meet the criteria. Today, hopefully, our 248 companies that meet the application requirements will determine their places by drawing lots in the presence of a notary for preliminary allocation.”

Kutukcu underlined that the expropriation process continues in the 6th section and that permanent allocations will be made to the pre-allocated industrialists after the completion of this process and said, “Our goal is to complete the expropriation processes quickly. As soon as we complete the expropriation, we will make permanent allocations for our industrialists who received preliminary allocations. Thus, our industrialists will be able to start their investments. With the realization of our investments in Section 6, we will hopefully increase the number of our factories, which are currently 727, and our employment of over 55 thousand.”

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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