Apple’s Latest Patent Reveals Innovative Foldable Screen Safety Feature

Apple, one of the few major smartphone manufacturers yet to launch a foldable screen device, has recently been associated with a notable patent. According to CNMO, on September 5th, the Tianyancha App revealed Apple Inc.’s new patent titled “Electronic Device with Durable Foldable Display”.

The unique aspect of this patent is its safety feature: the screen slightly folds upon impact or vibrations. This ensures that when the device is dropped, the display won’t directly hit a hard surface, thus increasing its durability. The design focuses on a bending axis around which the screen folds and the display panel is equipped with a pixel array that projects images through the display cover layer.

A pivotal part of this technology is the display cover layer,which is crafted from a glass layer. This layer has a distinctive recess that extends along the bending axis. This recess creates a flexible, thinner portion in the glass layer, permitting it to fold or bend around the axis. For added impact resistance, the corners and edges of this cover layer have been thickened.

The inclusion of display hinges and other structural adjustments ensures the screen remains flat when fully opened. However, during unforeseen drops or vibrations, it can automatically bend around its axis, offering protection to the screen.

While the revelation of this patent sparks excitement and curiosity among Apple enthusiasts, it’s crucial to remember that this doesn’t guarantee an imminent foldable-screen phone from Apple.

The company also recently filed a patent for a device with a rollable or scrollable display, suggesting that future products such as iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks could feature this innovation. Nevertheless, it undeniably showcases Apple’s advanced R&D pursuits in the realm of foldable screen tech.


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