Canoo Technologies has Delivered Three Crew Transportation Vehicles to NASA

The space race is heating up, and Canoo Technologies, a leading electric vehicle manufacturer, has successfully delivered three cutting-edge electric transport vehicles (CTVs) to NASA‘s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. These specially designed vehicles will play a crucial role in the upcoming Artemis mission, marking a significant milestone for the United States‘ manned space exploration program. Scheduled to commence service by the end of 2024, the three CTVs will support NASA’s Artemis 2 mission, which will be the nation’s first manned orbit in over half a century. With monthly missions planned thereafter, the Artemis program aims to revitalize space exploration and establish a long-term human presence on the Moon.

NASA’s Crew of Vehicles also includes Tesla Model X EVs

Canoo’s CTVs boast a multifunctional platform that prioritizes cabin space, practicality, and productivity while maintaining a compact footprint. These vehicles have been meticulously engineered to accommodate four astronauts donning Orion Crew Survival System pressure suits, alongside support staff and specialized equipment.

While the CTVs are not actual space rovers, they play a pivotal role in transporting personnel from the Neil A. Armstrong Operations and Inspection Building to the 39B Complex. This is where the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and Orion spacecraft are prepared for liftoff.

Canoo was awarded the contract for manufacturing the three vehicles in April 2022. Collaborating closely with NASA representatives, Canoo prioritizes astronaut safety and comfort during their journey to the launch pad.

Expressing his pride in the collaboration,Artemis launch director Charles Blackwell-Thompson stated, “I believe that everyone who sees these new vehicles will be as proud of this manned Artemis mission as I am.” The partnership between Canoo and NASA demonstrates a shared commitment to sustainable transportation and highlights NASA’s adventurous spirit.

In addition to Canoo’s vehicles, NASA’s transport fleet includes Tesla Model Xs, used to transport the Crew Dragon, and a custom Airstream, which transports astronauts aboard the Boeing Starliner to the launch pad. The integration of advanced electric vehicles signifies NASA’s dedication to innovative technologies that drive progress in space exploration. Canoo’s contribution to the mission represents a key step toward sustainable and efficient transportation in space exploration.


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