Cricut is in Turkiye with the assurance of Penta Teknoloji

“Cricut”, which provides solutions for designing, cutting, customizing and labeling hundreds of materials in the home environment in the field of DIY projects, will be distributed for the first time in the Turkish market with the assurance of Penta Teknoloji.

As of March, Penta Teknoloji assumed the Turkiye distributorship of the ‘Cricut’ brand, one of the world’s leading technology manufacturers in the field of Do It Yourself-DIY projects.

According to the Penta Teknoloji statement, Cricut, which offers a combination of writing, cutting, application and design solutions that enable users to apply their own designs on various materials with models suitable for different needs, enters the Turkish market for the first time with Penta Teknoloji expertise.

By downloading the Cricut Design Space application, users can benefit from Cricut’s design library and enrich their own designs with the help of software. Thanks to Cricut cutting machines, hot presses, accessories and materials, users will be able to transform and use the material they want, give them as gifts and even sell them, with personalization solutions that they can easily apply in their own homes.

‘Cricut will make significant contributions to women’s employment’

Penta Teknoloji General Manager Fatih Erunsal, whose evaluation on the subject is included in the statement, stated that he believes Cricut will grow rapidly in the Turkish market, ‘As Penta Teknoloji, we are proud to start the distribution of a product that will give a brand new direction to the sector by adding a new one to the investments we have made in the field of printing and application solutions. Offering a product for everyone that prioritizes creativity, and thus a wide target audience potential, Cricut certainly offers a suitable option for different user groups ranging from small-scale companies to entrepreneurs planning to set up their own business.’

Stating that Cricut will provide an environment where, unlike other technology products, it will provide home users with an environment where they can make fun designs by using their imaginations, Erunsal said, “We foresee that Cricut, which we expect to make a significant contribution to women’s employment, will have a great place in the do-it-yourself category in the Turkish market. With Cricut products, we aim to create an environment where everyone from 7 to 70 can create solutions that fit their imaginations.’

‘Cricut will be indispensable for small businesses in Turkiye’

Cricut Middle East, Turkiye and Africa Sales and Marketing Director Martin Kruger said:

‘Cricut has a well-deserved reputation all over the world as a consumer electronics products and software platform that enables cutting, customizing, labeling and designing hundreds of materials in the home environment, proving that even those who think they are not creative have unlimited imagination. Offering all the necessary tools for those who want to both express their creativity as a hobby and earn additional income from the work they enjoy, Cricut also stands out as a unique solution that supports artists and allows them to see their projects on the materials they want in the home environment. Cricut, which will be indispensable for both consumers looking for a very easy do-it-yourself solution in a short time, and small-scale businesses that want to offer more professional solutions in this regard; It is preparing to open the doors of a brand new experience to users in Turkiye with its fully Turkish-language application, Turkish website, blog site and social media pages.’

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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