Diesel Prices to See Discounts Starting Thursday Amid Oil Price Decline in Turkiye

Due to the decrease in oil prices, fuel prices appeared to be discounted. As of Thursday, April 25, there will be a discount on diesel prices.

Fuel prices are closely followed by vehicle owners. The recent decline in oil prices has also affected fuel prices. The discount news that vehicle owners have been looking forward to has arrived.

Unless there is any change in Brent oil prices, a discount is expected on diesel prices on Thursday, April 25. A liter of diesel will become cheaper by ₺1 lira and 40 kurus.


As of April 23, a liter of diesel is sold for ₺42 and 18 kurus in Istanbul (Europe), ₺43 and 29 kurus in Izmir, and ₺43 and 4 kurus in Ankara.

A liter of gasoline is sold for ₺43 and 58 kurus in Istanbul (Europe), ₺44 and 68 kurus in Izmir, and ₺44 and 42 kurus in Ankara.

Source: Patronlardunyasi / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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