Employment in Samsun is increasing with organized industrial zones

The number of organized industrial zones (OIZ) in Samsun, the most developed city of the Black Sea with air, land, sea and railway transportation, increased to 9 with the Vezirkopru Mixed OIZ.

With Vezirkopru Mixed OIZ and 8 industry, one Agriculture Based Specialization (TDI), the city, which has a total OIZ area of 13 thousand decares, is a candidate to be the industrial capital of the region with its industrial sites, free zone, logistics center, Technopark and R&D centers, large companies and ports.,

In the city, where there are 181 investors in total in 5 active OIZs and more than 10 thousand employments are provided, it is aimed to increase employment to 25 thousand with the introduction of other OIZs.

Every day, new investments are made in the fields of metal, machinery, food, automotive and spare parts, defense industry, medical, plastic and rubber, and furniture.

Governor Zulkif Dagli told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Samsun will develop with the increase of OIZ investments.

Dagli stated that they have just completed the establishment of the 9th OIZ in the city and held the first entrepreneurial committee meeting, “The process has started in Vezirkopru Mixed OIZ. We will open it to our investors soon. We will start the zoning plan and other works as soon as possible.”

Dagli stated that the works for the development of the OIZs, which are the pioneers of economic development, and the further increase in production, employment and export opportunities are continuing, and that they are about to complete the expropriation process of the new OIZ, which they have recently brought to Samsun as a result of these studies.

“We are in a very strategic place”

Governor Dagli emphasized that Samsun is at a very important point in terms of logistics and that they want to turn this advantage into an opportunity and continued as follows:

“Our Samsun Carsamba Airport is an international airport. The railway passes through both the center of Samsun and our districts such as Kavak and Havza. We also have three ports. Our fourth port is nearing completion. In this sense, we are at the point where four main transportation axes are located. We are at the entry point to the Black Sea, in a very strategic place. We have large agricultural lands. Our industrial areas are quite acceptable. We welcome our investors to our Samsun.”

Saying that they are trying to increase the quality of the existing OIZs, Dagli said, “We have OIZs that we are expanding. We have gained an additional 580 decares of expansion area in Kavak OIZ. Expansion works are continuing in Havza OIZ. We see that there is a great demand from our new investors in these areas.”

Pointing out that there would not be a more comfortable and prosperous country without production, industry and employment, Dagli said, “We strive together to open new business areas for our youth. We work closely with our local administrations, chambers of commerce and industry, and businessmen. We strive for more employment.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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