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MARBLE Izmir Fair 2024 7

MARBLE Izmir Fair 2024

29th International Natural Stone And Technology Fair

While the marble reserves in Turkiye constitutes 33% of the marble reserves in the whole world, Turkiye draws attention with its marble variety. Turkiye has the marble reserves consisting of more than 120 colors and more than 80 different forms. The most famous marble types in the international market are Süpren, Elazığ Cherry Red, Akşehir Black, Manyas White, Bilecik Beige, Tiger Skin,Denizli Travertine, Aegean Maroon, Milas Lilac, Gemlik Diabase and Afyon Sugar.

As the city hosting MARBLE Fair, Izmir is one of the most convenient cities for exportation of natural stone. MARBLE Fair brings thousands of sector professionals from all over the world together each year in coastal city of Izmir, the meeting point of Europe, Asia and Africa continents.

The event is finished.


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