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16th International Solar Energy and Technologies Exhibition

The 16th International Solar Energy and Technologies Exhibition, Solarex Istanbul, stands as our country’s premier event dedicated to solar energy. It provides a crucial platform for Turkiye to advance as a production hub in this vital sector.

As a commercial showcase for the latest global solar energy technologies and Turkiye’s own innovations, the International Solar Energy and Technologies Fair brings together industry leaders and representatives. This event garners significant interest from renowned global brands seeking to invest in Turkiye, a nation blessed with ample sunlight, making it an attractive destination for solar energy ventures.

The presence of such a fair in Turkiye, recognized as one of the sunniest countries, underscores the global appeal and potential for investments. Solarex Istanbul plays a pivotal role in leveraging this geographical advantage, attracting a rapidly growing audience from Turkiye, the Middle East, and Asia. The fair serves as a platform for promoting the importance of clean energy through seminars and symposiums aimed at both participants and visitors.

In addition to seminars focusing on financing, investment, and production, the fair hosts various activities, symposiums, and firm conferences. Industry leaders contribute to sector enlightenment through these seminars, engaging CEOs, senior managers, purchasing directors, manufacturers, consumers, academics, students, and representatives from both domestic and international sectors.

Furthermore, Solarex Istanbul facilitates collaboration between the solar energy sector and industrialists, creating a new platform that aligns solar energy with industrial interests.

The event is finished.


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