ForFarming, pesticide-free smart agriculture gets new TL 2.4 million investment

Smart agricultural startups of the future attract investors’ attention. ForFarming, which develops smart agricultural solutions in greenhouse-like indoor areas without the use of pesticides, has made its second investment agreement of about TL 2.4 million.

The startup, which succeeded in receiving its first seed investment through Tarvenn Ventures, is now focusing on the global smart vertical agricultural market. ForFarming develops alternative farming solutions in line with changing lifestyles, using artificial intelligence algorithms and internet of things (IoT) technology that provides instant tracking of production conditions.

Having set out with the idea of vertical agriculture created by the flow of healthy living and consumption of fresh products, ForFarming is taking steps as a smart agriculture startup at a growing pace.

ForFarming, which set course for the global market after its seed investment, has managed to carry out operations in seven countries. The startup, which operates in more than 25 locations, decided to expand its steps with interest in the second investment round, while its products have already begun to attract attention.


Offering consumers two products, Farmi and Farmio, it is taking steps to radically change agricultural production parallel to people’s fast-paced lifestyles. The startup has initiated the Formio solution, which uses the internet of things, artificial intelligence and cloud-based smart agricultural technologies at every stage, from irrigation in indoor areas like greenhouses to humidity and temperature control.

ForFarming aims to be a pioneer with Farmio. Greenhouses, parks and gardens currently used for production are becoming smarter and more controllable with Farmio. Temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, pH levels and light values of the products grown with artificial intelligence-backed and cloud-based Farmio software with advanced algorithms are automatically measured and controlled.

The products are evaluated with artificial intelligence and the environmental conditions are optimized, while the producers are informed in real-time. Besides, features such as plant data and plant analysis enable producers to plan production and harvest processes more efficiently.


Local production is one of the most supported areas in many countries, and fresh and healthy eating habits can be realized with the Farmi solution. Production is possible all year round in many places, from multistory apartment buildings to plazas, from hotels to restaurants. You will not have to live in villages to consume fresh food anymore. Thus, consuming where food is produced offers healthy and low-cost shopping. Healthy agricultural consumption is not surprising since no pesticides are used at any stage of the production process.

It provides fresh and healthy products throughout the year with the possibility of production that eliminates human error at every stage of production. With its fully autonomous intelligent system, Farmi allows more than 30 plants to be grown without agricultural know-how.

Besides, it can remotely control the production planning of all plants with its special software and can be realized with artificial intelligence. With the Farming solution, all ambient conditions are measured instantly via sensors. Thus, it is possible to consume on-the-spot by producing in healthy conditions.


The second investment tour was led by Tarvenn with the participation of Volkan Çağsal, the founder of Adphorus, Tolunay Yıldız, Frederic Fatih Pagy from EGİAD Angels investment network, a well as Figen Korun and Gamze Sart from Keiretsu Forum angel investors.

Having succeeded in offering smart soilless agriculture solutions in seven different countries and 24 different locations with Farmio and Farmi, ForFarming is gearing up to become an important player in the global market with its investment. ForFarming, which transforms vertical agricultural areas and greenhouses with the artificial intelligence-backed software automation (SaaS) Farmio, aims to become the world’s leading artificial intelligence technology provider with this solution.

Its other service, Farmi, enables the production of fresh and healthy products independent of the season with turnkey autonomous vertical agriculture solutions in many different areas from restaurants to market chains, hotels and factories.


“In today’s world where access to healthy and fresh products is becoming more and more difficult, soilless agriculture, which offers onsite production, is gaining importance. With the technology we possess and the solutions we have provided, we have become the leading smart soilless agricultural company of Turkey and the surrounding regions in a short time,” ForFarming co-founder Levent Atlas said after the second investment tour.

“This makes us proud while at the same time increasing our responsibilities. With our new investment, we will be advancing confidently to our goal of becoming the world’s soilless agricultural technology supplier. We sincerely thank all our investors, who believed in our vision and team, and especially Tarvenn Ventures, our teammate that supported us on everything from the very first day, and its esteemed CEO Mustafa Kopuk.”


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