igor, which provides banking and payment infrastructure services, received investment at a valuation of $ 8.5 million

igor, a green fintech initiative that provides banking and payment infrastructure services, received investment at a valuation of $8.5 million.

igor, a green fintech initiative that provides banking and payment infrastructure services, calculates the carbon footprint and aims to produce solutions to neutralize it, received investment at a valuation of $ 8.5 million.

Sustainable finance technology startup igor received investment from important corporate and individual investors such as DOMiNO Ventures, Aegean Ventures and Fikir Evi Research Development and Consultancy Inc.

Focusing on providing innovative and integrated financial services on a single platform, igor aims to create a platform where its users can make their payments 24/7 with open banking features and access all their bank accounts on a single screen, with its value-added virtual and physical payment services infrastructure with the solutions it has developed. Additionally, the startup aims to provide services in the field of sustainability by offering its users solutions to calculate and neutralize their carbon footprint.

igor sets out to raise awareness about climate change, meet access to green financial services and offer innovative solutions. It aims to monitor environmental impact, automate transactions and create more efficient markets through the development of new technologies and the use of current technologies such as artificial intelligence. Additionally, by considering the growth of the green economy as an opportunity, it creates new opportunities for green fintech. It is envisaged that regulations will become widespread in the financial markets where the initiative operates, in order to encourage services in the field of green fintech. These regulations create a framework that supports igor to deliver sustainable financial solutions. By evaluating these positive trends in the field of green fintech, igor aims to reinforce its leadership in offering sustainable financial solutions to its users. Beyond being just a financial technology provider, igor also has a strong team dynamic on the sustainability side. Team; With their long industry experience in their fields such as finance, risk management and sustainability, they make significant contributions to the success of the company. The startup, which wants to expand its services with its mission of providing sustainable financial solutions by emphasizing the importance of green fintech to its users, aims to reach the global market in the second quarter of 2024.

“We aim to bring a green breath to the Fintech world”

Kamil Guclu, former Group Vice President of Oracle EMEA and co-founder of igor, said;

“As igor, our goal is to make financial processes more accessible and sustainable. While we enable our users to participate more actively in the financial world, we reinforce our understanding of environmental responsibility with our green finance solutions. We believe that the financial sector has the potential to not only generate profits, but also create positive change for our world.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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