Joom E-commerce marketplace establishes logistics firm in Turkey

Russia-based global e-commerce marketplace Joom has opened an Istanbul branch of its logistics company Joom Logistics.

Joom is an e-commerce platform that entered the Turkish market last June and actively incorporated Turkish vendors into its platform.

Joom Turkey Business Development Manager Alexander Zaitsev said the operation in Istanbul would greatly facilitate the operation of Turkish manufacturers with Joom and improve the delivery quality of the goods.

“We plan to make delivery of Joom orders from Turkey reliable, fast and affordable, which will not only help us attract new manufacturers and brands but will also provide a qualitatively new level of service for those already with us,” he said.

“We believe that Turkish traders have extremely high potential. We aim to provide the most favorable conditions for Turkish traders around the world to ensure that our customers in Europe, Russia and other parts of the world receive the highest quality Turkish goods and the best service for their purchases from abroad.”

Recalling that they entered the Turkish market in June 2019 and actively incorporated Turkish vendors into their platform, he said since then dozens of manufacturers, including major players like Hepsiburada, have had the opportunity to send their brands worldwide.

Zaitsev said the opening of Joom Logistics in Istanbul would provide significant advantages for manufacturers. “It is enough for the manufacturer to deliver the shipment to Joom Logistics on time.

Joom Logistics will handle the entire remaining process from acceptance to delivery,” he continued. “Joom Logistics will ensure an optimal class delivery based on the most favorable tariffs that will have a positive impact on the sales of Turkish manufacturers’ goods.

Turkish producers will receive all the necessary documents for the VAT refund. We will also solve the problem of collecting passport data from customers in the countries where the relevant conditions apply, which will, in turn, have a positive effect on the delivery speed of the shipment.”

Launched in 2016, the Russia-based company currently offers some 10 million, mostly Chinese-made products ranging from cell phones to sneakers to customers around the world. Joom, like rivals such as U.S.-based Wish and AliExpress, owned by China’s Alibaba, keeps prices low by importing mostly unbranded items from Chinese manufacturers and sending them directly to an online shopper’s front door.

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