Minister Bolat: Europe is very important for Turkiye, We are permanent in these markets

Minister of Commerce Omer Bolat stated that Turkish companies have increased their competitiveness in recent years and made progress in trade with Europe and said, “Europe is very important for Turkiye. We are permanent in these markets.”

Minister of Trade Omer Bolat, in his speech at the program organized by the Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) World Turkish Business Council in Amsterdam, within the scope of his visit to the Netherlands, made evaluations about the importance of trade with Europe for Turkiye.

Emphasizing that Turkish companies have a significant weight in supply chains, Bolat stated that Turkiye, in addition to being a country that produces parts and machinery, has the logistics power to deliver products to Europe in a very short time, thanks to its geographical location.

Bolat emphasized that the Turkish industry has achieved success with its competitiveness and world-class production capacity, as well as renewing itself in the customs union and commercial relations with the EU, and said:

“Europe is very important for Turkiye. We cannot lose this market. We are permanent in these markets, we have to be. As of last year, we have a trade of $200 billion and it is a balanced trade. Last year, we had a surplus of $9 billion. Since the EU has a share of 65% in tourism, 41% in our exports, 26% in our imports and 65% in direct investment to Turkiye, we try to maintain our relations regularly and constructively. Our governments have always followed these policies.”

Noting that many countries want to do business with and invest in Turkiye, Bolat pointed out that the EU Commission’s report titled “Status of EU-Turkiye Political, Economic and Commercial Relations” also made recommendations to EU leaders to improve trade with Turkiye.

Bolat stated that the report includes issues such as initiating negotiations for the renewal of the customs union with Turkiye to include the services sector, developing commercial relations and providing visa convenience for Turkish citizens.

Relations between Turkiye and the Netherlands

Bolat stated that the Dutch also want to develop their commercial relations with Turkiye, especially in areas such as tourism, energy and service sectors, and that negotiations are being held for cooperation in third countries.

Stating that relations with the Netherlands have a history of approximately 500 years, including the Ottoman period, Bolat said, “99 years have passed since the start of official diplomatic relations with the Netherlands. Next year will be the 100th anniversary and there will be special programs on both sides for this.”

Bolat explained that the Netherlands-Turkiye relations are progressing largely smoothly in the political and economic fields, and pointed out that last year the trade volume between Turkiye and the Netherlands was around $12.5 billion , and $3.5 billion of these figures were in favor of Turkiye.

Stating that Turkiye has made significant strides in the service sector, especially tourism, Bolat said, “We are reaching around 56-58 million in the number of tourists we host this year. Our target for 2030 is 100 million tourists, $100 billion.”

Meeting with Turkish business builders

As part of his two-day visit to the Netherlands, Minister Bolat met with Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policies Micky Adriaansens and Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Liesje Schreinemacher.

Bolat signed the JETCO Protocol with his Dutch counterpart, which agreed on issues that would deepen commercial relations between Turkiye and the Netherlands and strengthen mutual investment opportunities.

In addition to diplomatic contacts, Minister Bolat met with Dutch and Turkish Business People, MUSIAD Netherlands managers and presidents and managers of other Turkish NGOs in the organization of DEIK and the Dutch Confederation of Industrialists and Employers.

Having completed their contacts in the Netherlands, Bolat and his accompanying delegation departed for Turkiye in the evening.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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