Minister Kurum: We have started the transformation of the century that will change the future of Istanbul

Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum said, “As of today, the total number of applications for 413 thousand independent departments in Istanbul has reached 73 thousand. This means that the lives of our 1.6 million brothers have already begun to change.”

Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change and Istanbul 1st Region Deputy Candidate, addressed the public on Cinar Caddesi in Orhantepe Mahallesi in Kartal, and then attended a dinner with the workers at the TOKI construction site in Zeytinburnu Abdi Ipekci Sports Complex. The Minister was accompanied by the Mayor of Zeytinburnu Omer Arisoy. The Minister Institution visited the construction site after the dinner, gave the keys of Togg to the TOKI personnel, the personnel toured the construction site.

“We started the transformation of the century that will change the future of Istanbul”

Addressing the public in Kartal Orhantepe District, the Minister Kurum said, “Istanbul is our soul, our love. It is always a great honor, honor and pride for us to serve our Istanbul, the grandchildren of Sultan Fatih, and the neighbors of Eyup Sultan. Now we have started the transformation of the century that will change the future of Istanbul. We laid our first foundations in Gaziosmanpasa to renovate 1.5 million risky buildings in Istanbul for the future of our children. Together with you, my dear brothers and sisters, we decided to carry out the urban transformation. We started the Half of Us Campaign. Thus, we, as the state, cover half of the cost of the new houses we will build. Do you know how many applications we have received in Istanbul so far? Let me explain the numbers so that Kemal Kilicdaroglu, who slandered TOKI, should once again hear the nation’s trust in the state and trust in our President from Kartal. As of today, the total number of applications made for 413 thousand independent sections in Istanbul has already reached 73 thousand. This means that the lives of our 1.6 million brothers have already begun to change.”

“TOKI built only 43 thousand houses in 18 years between 1984-2002”

Continuing his words, Minister Kurum said, “We are looking at the last period, those who have never mentioned TOKI’s name in a good way, those who constantly belittle it, do not let TOKI fall on their tongues today. Shall I tell you why? Because not a single TOKI building was destroyed in the earthquakes. Our approximately 600 thousand citizens living in 143 thousand residences there did not even have a nosebleed. Now, Kemal Kilicdaroglu is out and says TOKı is busy with other things. If we ask Kilicdaroglu to answer what other business TOKI is dealing with, believe me, he cannot. TOKI built only 43 thousand houses in 18 years between 1984-2002. What did they say, ‘kisher according to the owner of the horse’ How many houses has TOKI built in the last 21 years, exactly 1 million 200 thousand. It also built 37 thousand social facilities from schools to family health centers, from university campuses to sports complexes. It has brought millions of square meters of national garden to our 81 provinces. Now I’m asking Kemal Kilicdaroglu. You have had metropolitan municipalities in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir for 5 years, so how many housing constructions have you started? For example, how many residences have you built in Kartal? They cannot produce, but make empty promises.”

“I sincerely congratulate the 1st May Labor and Solidarity Day of all our fellow workers”

Speaking at the dinner with TOKI construction site personnel, the Minister Kurum said, “I greet you, all my fellow citizens from Istanbul, each of my working brothers, with love, respect and conversation. Right at the beginning of my words, I would like to thank all our brothers and sisters who work day and night and sacrifice their own homes and offspring so that the warm homes can be finished as soon as possible, and our children can run in our gardens as soon as possible at thousands of construction sites of our TOKI, our Provinces Bank and all our units. In our country today; I sincerely congratulate the 1st May Labor and Solidarity Day of you and all our working brothers who bring bread to their homes with their sweat and hard work. The hidden heroes of the gigantic works we are doing today are our workers, you. We can never repay the rights of our secret heroes who built 650 thousand houses in 11 provinces affected by the earthquake that will build 1.5 million new homes in Istanbul. Our Abdi Ipekci Sports Hall, where we are now and which you have rebuilt with effort, is a place that has achieved many successes, witnessed many victories and witnessed many historical moments. It has hosted countless successful organizations since its opening in 1989, where hundreds of basketball stars sweat on their floors, and most importantly, it is a center where the competitions of 12 Giant Men, the pride of our nation, are held.”

“Our brothers are making all kinds of sacrifices for the progress of our construction site here with their hard work and sweat”

Touring the construction site with TOKI personnel after the dinner, the Institution said, “I congratulate the holiday of our workers, brothers and colleagues on May 1. Now we are examining our construction site. Of course, our Abdi Ipekci Sports Hall has achieved many successes in the past, and it is a place where our national teams and club teams have achieved many successes and championships, training our Turkish athletes. In this context, our President has instructed a project to renovate Abdi Ipekci Sports Hall in order to make this place a more beautiful and more modern facility resistant to earthquakes. In this context, we started a study together with the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Within the framework of this work, the construction of a very important facility for the sake of Turkish sports and the future of Turkish athletes has begun. With the big hall with a capacity of 10 thousand people, which we started the construction process with the help of our TOKI Presidency, and 3 training fields with a capacity of 3 thousand people, the construction process of a project that will add value to our Zeytinburnu and Istanbul, with its field, hotels, shopping areas and green areas where our national team with a capacity of 1,000 will train, continues day and night. Our rough constructions that you have seen here are about to be completed and we will close our roof as soon as possible. In February next year, we will have acquired our Abdi Ipekci Sports Hall with its newest and most modern form, a facility where Turkish sports can challenge the world as a facility in this sense, and where we can achieve many successes. Our teams work here day and night. Our brothers and sisters are making all kinds of sacrifices for the progress of our construction site here. You will remember that we set out to bring such an outstanding work to Istanbul for Turkish sports, for the youth of our Turkish sports, for our youth. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality did its best for the progress of the construction here, arguing that it was against the zoning plan and all kinds of excuses. He did not carry out his duties, duties, and infrastructure works. He sealed our construction site and made every effort to delay the work. Of course, for the benefit of our Abdi Ipekci Gymnasium, our nation, and our youth, we did not leave them shoes as in every other job. We carried out our process with our friends in accordance with the zoning plan and the zoning regulation. Today, our teammates are working day and night to bring a beautiful facility to Istanbul’s youth. I would like to thank all our teams working here, our workers, architects, engineers, Zeytinburnu Municipality and all my colleagues. I wish our Abdi Ipekci Sports Hall to be beneficial for our youth and for our Istanbul in advance.”

Source: / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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