Paribu Ventures invested over $6.5 million in 19 startups

Paribu Ventures, which was established by Paribu to invest in internet startups, especially the blockchain ecosystem, invested a total of over $6.5 million in 19 startups in its first year.

Paribu Ventures, which was established by Paribu, one of Turkiye’s leading technology company and leading crypto asset trading platforms to invest in internet startups, mainly based on blockchain, invested a total of over $6.5 million in 19 investment rounds in its first year.

The fund size of Paribu Ventures, which is among the most active investment funds in Turkiye and among the active investment funds in the world’s web3 field, was $30 million. Half of its portfolio consists of blockchain-based game studios and companies that develop infrastructure in the field of gaming. Among the areas in which it invests the most; web3 games, decentralized finance (DeFi), products that bring traditional business models to web3, and its creative economy.

Paribu Ventures created a global portfolio

Positioned as a global venture capital fund, Paribu Ventures’ average transaction size is around $350 thousand. 7 companies in the portfolio of Paribu Ventures, which invest in early stage startups, are entirely comprised of ventures of founding partners outside of Turkiye. Paribu Ventures, which is included in the investment tours where tokens, shares and these two structures are built together, has mostly invested in tours where shares are distributed in the traditional way.

In a statement about the investments they have made since the day they were established, Paribu Ventures Director Utku Dorduncu:

“We built a pretty strong portfolio in our first year. Although there are many technological innovations in the world of Web3, it is still difficult to find scaled solutions that solve the real problem of the end user. From the very beginning, we have built a structure that is developer-oriented, looking at its investments in the long-term and aiming to transfer the technological power of Paribu to portfolio companies. On the other hand, we are making our investments, aware that we are still at the beginning of the adoption of blockchain technology.”

“We have broadened our Web3 perspective”

Dorduncu stated that as of this year, they have started to look into areas that carry business models in web2, which are innovative and accelerate adaptation, such as fintech, which is closely related to web3.

He added saying; “With the market change, we expanded our web3 perspective. Apart from games, areas such as decentralized finance, adaptation projects, fintech and creative economy are also among our focuses.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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