Product rental platform Varsapp has started listing Monster Notebook products on its platform

It is now possible to experience Monster Notebook and its accessories, which take the gaming experience to the highest level, by renting them through the Varlıkapp application before purchasing them. 14 products in the notebook, monitor and accessory product range are listed in the Monster Notebook category.

The person-to-person rental platform, which was founded by Zeynep Elinc and Hande Sevinc, has announced that it has signed an agreement with Monster Notebook. With the agreement, it was stated that Monster Notebook products will now be available on the item rental platform.

Monster Notebook offers a new experience environment with its collaboration with the Varsapp product rental platform. Varsapp application users will now be able to rent 7 computers and 7 accessories of Monster Notebook easily. Users can experience and decide before purchasing the product they are interested in.

Products are sent free of charge to users who start the rental process through the platform and are taken back at the end of the rental. Providing service in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir for now, Varsapp does not demand any deposit or guarantee amount during the rental process and only deals with the rental price. In addition, the Varsapp assurance system and insurance option against damages that may occur during use allow the products to be rented safely.

As part of the cooperation, gaming computers and accessories can be rented through the special category created for Monster Notebook. At the same time, it offers users the opportunity to rent these products as a package. In the category created specifically for Monster Notebook by Varsapp, accessory packages, monitor/keyboard packages and game packages are offered.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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