Refined salt produced in Igdir is exported to Asian and European countries

The salt produced in Igdir, where Turkiye’s important salt mines are located, is exported to Asian and European countries as well as to the domestic market.

Tons of salt is extracted from the giant caves in the salt mountains in Tuzluca and Kagizman districts of Kars, of the salt enterprise, which was established on an area of 15 thousand square meters, 7 thousand 500 square meters of which is closed, in the Igdir Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ).

The extracted salt is processed and used in industry and in the fight against snow.

The salt plant, which started its operations last year, produces 70 thousand tons of refined salt annually.

The salt obtained by processing at the factory is exported to Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Slovakia and various European countries as well as the domestic market.

Thanks to the factory, where 120 people are employed, it contributes to both employment and the economy of the region and the country.

General Manager of the plant, Kıvanc Cantay, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they produce refinery salt from the rock salt they extract from the mines in Tuzluca and Kagizman district of Kars.

Bagay, who expressed the annual effects of 70 thousand tons of refinery salt in its factories that started production in 2022, said: “We use 30% of the salt we produce in the domestic market of our country, and we have an export volume that spreads 70% to Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Slovakia and various European countries. At the moment, we are becoming a leading brand that meets all orders from abroad and takes quick action.”

“We have nearly 100% pure salt production”

Factory Manager Cengiz Sari also explained the process of processing the salt extracted from the mines.

Stating that the pure rock salt extracted from the mines is transformed into refinery salt by passing through various stages, Sari said:

“We separate the salt, which we turn into mush with hot water, from the stone and limestone in it. We transfer the clean solution remaining in the decanters in three rows and produce salt. In terms of salt quality, we are very good in production in Turkiye. We have nearly 100% pure salt production. I think we are in a good position. There are 3 factories in Turkiye that produce refined salt from this rock salt. We are one of them.”

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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