Samsung plans to include water resistance on cheaper Galaxy A series devices in 2022

Water resistance is a key feature of most flagship phones, but it’s something that more affordable devices often forgo to cut costs. According to a new report, Samsung is planning to prioritize water resistance on its Galaxy A series in 2022.

Last year’s Galaxy A52 was one of the first Galaxy A devices to adopt water resistance, offering an IP67 rating that’s not far behind many flagship devices. However, the Galaxy A52 and its higher-end counterpart, the A72,were the only devices in the lineup with water resistance.

According to The Elec, Samsung plans to expand water resistance to other Galaxy A devices next year. Apparently, this is primarily to better compete with Chinese brands such as Xiaomi and Oppo.

Which devices will get IP ratings next year? While the Galaxy A13, announced earlier today, isn’t making the cut, everything above the Galaxy A33 will reportedly be getting water resistance. Supposedly, that’s why the Galaxy A33 is rumored to be missing a headphone jack. The Galaxy A53, A53 5G, and A73 would further offer the added protection. While it’s not exactly a major upgrade for the lineup as a whole, it’s an add-on that Samsung’s mid-range customers will certainly appreciate.


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