The ‘menthol mask’ is now demanded in the foreign market

Tekol Technology, located in Izmir Bilimpark, works mostly in the energy sector and to add innovation to the mask during the pandemic period. The company, which initiated a study to use the mask more comfortably, decided to make a menthol product in this context.

After obtaining approval from the Ministry of Health and universities, an agreement was made with another company that produces medical textiles in Izmir. Menthol mask, which has a production potential of 500 thousand a day, released in the domestic market. The company also carries out international connections and aims to start exporting the mask in a short time after the necessary permissions.

Mehtap Cakiroglu, one of the shareholders of the firm stated that the menthol mask developed in July is now demanded in the domestic market. She said:

‘’ Our goal is to encourage people to wear masks. Our negotiations with foreign firms still continue. We are at the documentation stage. We will go abroad next. The mask is now demanded from England, Azerbaijan, Russia and Germany.

We anticipate that people will continue to use masks even if there is no obligation; hence we expect the demand to increase linearly.’’

Lemon and chocolate masks are on the way

Cakiroglu noted that the mask was proved by the health institutions that there was no problem with the respiratory tract and that they also obtained the patent for the product. Pointing out that menthol masks are produced with 3 layers, Cakiroglu said:

 “Internal structure and fabric quality are very important for us. We produced this as a completely healthy product. In terms of price, it is similar to the alternatives. We started the production as a menthol mask; lemon, eucalyptus, chocolate, vanilla masks are also on the way. We are trying to raise awareness with menthol masks, other scented products will be produced soon.’’

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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