The new target of the TUREKS is Europe

The International Natural Stone and Technologies Fair – Marble Izmir, which is the gateway of Turkish natural stone to the world, saw the participation of significant companies in this sector from the country.

Marble Systems Tureks Turunç Madencilik, which opened a booth at the fair, offers its customers marble processed from blocks.

Osman Cavit Turunç, the vice president of the company, stated to AA that they export processed marble to more than 50 countries rather than in blocks.

Turunç mentioned that their sales and marketing organization in America belongs to them, saying, “We have 12 showrooms and 7 warehouses in this country. You can see all the products you see here in America.”

Emphasizing the presence of Turkish marble in important and large projects, especially in works such as the Trump Tower and the Mark Hotel in New York, Turunç expressed.

Turunç explained that they want Turkish marble to be used in every corner of the world, saying:

“Our main target now is the European market. Italy is a very important point in terms of logistics. We have completed all our formations in Verona. After the official opening, our logistics and warehouses are prepared for the European market. It will be operational by the end of May. Our goal is to establish a retail chain in Europe just like we did in America. In other words, to respond to instant demands not only in large quantities but also in small quantities. It is an operation we have carried out to expand the European market. In this way, we aim to contribute more to our country’s economy.”

Turunç underlined the demand for Turkish marble and natural stone from countries such as the UK, Spain, and Portugal, stating that they aim to carry out ready sales from stock in small retail quantities rather than wholesale sales in large quantities.

Reminding that they had exports worth 58 million dollars last year, Turunç said, “We will try to make our presence felt in the European market. We want to organize stock sales with smaller quantities. We believe that this will bring us major projects.”

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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