THY Sets New Passenger Record in 2023, Carrying 83.4 Million Travelers

Despite global geopolitical tensions and macroeconomic uncertainties, THY broke an all-time record by carrying 83.4 million passengers last year, thanks to its wide flight network and the highly qualified workforce it maintained during the COVID-19 period.

While Turkish Airlines’ (THY) domestic passenger capacity increased by 23.5% last year compared to 2022, the number of passengers increased by 19%, reaching over 30 million.

While the capacity increase in international lines approached 16%, the number of passengers increased by 14%, reaching 53 million. The increase in the number of passengers abroad, especially in European countries where Turkish citizens live densely, exceeded 20%.

THY increased by 27% from the pre-COVID-19 period

According to data published by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), while last year’s global international passenger capacity remained 12% behind the pre-COVID-19 period in 2019, THY continued to be one of the leading airlines in the sector, exceeding that year by 27%. As a result of Turkiye’s investments in aviation infrastructure, Istanbul Airport has become the airport offering the most flights in Europe.

Became the world’s 4th largest air cargo carrier in 2023

Providing air cargo services at 364 points in 133 countries with 24 cargo planes and 416 passenger planes, THY increased the amount of paid cargo it carried last year by 16% compared to 2019. Turkish Cargo, which has more than tripled its market share in cargo transportation in the last 10 years, continued its success as the world’s 4th largest air cargo carrier in 2023, according to IATA data.

Turkish Airlines, which aims to have a fleet exceeding 800 aircraft in 2033 within the framework of its 100th Anniversary Strategy, added 46 aircraft to its fleet last year, despite the supply problems in the global aviation industry and the bottleneck in production, and increased the number of aircraft to 440 with a 12% increase.

Total assets exceeding ₺1 trillion

THY continued to create an important source of value for the Turkish economy with its total assets exceeding ₺1 trillion ($35.7 billion), the $16.3 billion export revenue it brought to Turkiye last year, and the foreign exchange contribution of $8.1 billion.

Turkiye’s national flag carrier has continued its support since the first day of the earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaras, one of the biggest disasters in the country’s history. Passenger and cargo flights were provided free of charge, especially for the evacuation of citizens, as well as for the delivery of domestic and international search and rescue teams and aid materials to the region.

In addition to the ₺2 billion donation it made to be used for the needs in the region, the company also presented the payment required for 1000 houses to be donated to those in need to AFAD during the year.

THY continued to receive international awards in 2023

With its strong 2023 results, THY demonstrated its determination to achieve its 2033 vision, which will create high value for all its stakeholders. Aiming to exceed $50 billion in revenue and 170 million passengers in its 100th year, THY’s efforts in the fields of excellence in passenger experience, digitalization and sustainability were appreciated by the leading institutions of the sector.

In this context, THY was awarded the “5-star global airline” award by APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association) for the 3rd time and the “Best airline in Europe” award by Skytrax for the 8th time in 2023, THY was chosen as the “Most Sustainable Flag Carrier Airline” by World Finance for the second time.

THY, which employs more than 83 thousand people together with its subsidiaries today, is among the giants of air transportation as a brand that leads the sector with its “unique” flight network, modern fleet, superior service approach and successful performance in 2023. In the coming years, THY will continue to increase its contribution to the sustainable growth of the sector in line with Turkiye’s development goals and 2033 strategy.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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