Turkey local petrol prices has increased by 21 cents

According to data from Employment Union for Energy, Petrol and Gas Refuelling Stations (EPGIS), the price for per gasoline litre in Ankara is 6.69, and it will increase 6.90; the price is 6.64 in Istanbul and it will increase to 6.85 while it will increase to 6.91 from 6.70 liras in Izmir.         

The new gasoline prices will take effect on 27 Aug 2020. Fuel prices are calculated by refineries; these prices are based on the processed products’ value average in Mediterranean market and exchange rate of dollar.  

After these calculations, the obtained price is applied on distributor companies and the price can be changed slightly in different cities and companies due to competition.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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