Turkish firm Karmod sells record 200 prefabricated houses in January

Search for earthquake-safe housing reflected in prefabricated steel house sales, says company executive

Turkish building manufacturer Karmod sold a record 200 prefabricated houses in January, the company announced on Thursday.

After powerful tremors shook southern Türkiye last year, demand has risen for earthquake-safe housing and reflected on prefabricated steel home sales, Karmod Marketing Manager Sezai Gok was quoted as saying in a company statement.

“Demand for horizontal architectural houses with a garden concept instead of multi-story buildings is particularly prominent. Consumers find the steel house concept safer and more livable,” Gok said, noting that the prefabricated construction industry is usually sluggish in the winter.

Gok also noted that the hike in prefabricated housing sales was also spurred by citizens who want to avoid distorted urbanization.

Karmod developed its housing models to best meet consumer expectations, he added, noting that these models included single and double-story steel homes with two,three, or four bedrooms.

“Prefabricated steel houses have important advantages, such as modern production, fast installation, and budget economy. The use of steel is the most important element that supports building safety,” he said.

On Feb. 6, 2023, twin earthquakes devastated 11 Turkish provinces, causing thousands of deaths.

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