Turkiye sets eyes on hosting ‘digital nomads’

In a special promotional campaign offering visas for “digital nomads,” the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry has extended an invitation to foreign remote workers to ply their trade in Türkiye, spotlighting Istanbul and the Mediterranean district of Dalaman as prime locations of interest.

The ministry’s affiliate, the Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA), has broadened its horizon by embracing “digital nomads” foreign employees unshackled by residential obligations through the “GoTürkiye” portal.

“How about working in Istanbul, exploring the intersection of empires? Relaxing while working on golden sands and turquoise seas in Dalaman? Enjoying the vibrant nightlife with dynamic people while working in [the western province of] İzmir? With thousands of years old ancient cities, unique coves hidden among forests, turquoise seas, dynamic people, and bustling cities. Türkiye has it all,” the promotional script said.

The statement underscored the country’s standing as one of the world’s preeminent nations with its economic advantages and advanced infrastructural services, alongside its natural and historical treasures, offering ample opportunities for “digital nomads” who do not want to be tied to any office.

As a special application platform has been created for remote workers to ensure visa facilitation, application requirements include being between 21-55 years old and providing documents proving the status as a “digital nomad.”

Additional prerequisites for this special visa encompass a university degree and a monthly income of $3,000 or an annual one of $36,000.

Compliant applicants are bestowed with a “Digital Nomad Identification Document,” which serves as a reference to apply for a visa at Turkish visa centers and consulates.

The portal also featured a section titled “Discover and Work in Istanbul,” which describes the city as “a historic nexus where paths of age-old civilizations intersect.”

“How about working from Istanbul and uncovering the splendors of this magnificent city, becoming an inhabitant of this vast metropolis?”

Meanwhile, Istanbul has clinched a spot in the top ten for the first time in a prestigious ranking of Europe’s best cities.

The continent’s premier destinations were appraised by Resonance Consultancy, taking into account a plethora of metrics including Tripadvisor reviews and educational and employment opportunities, among others.

The report scrutinized over 180 cities with populations exceeding 500,000 to determine the top 100 European locales for living, visiting and investing.

London retained its apex position for the second consecutive time, with Istanbul occupying the ninth rank.

Source: hurriyetdailynews

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