Yemeksepeti Club reached 2.5 million users in the first 3 months

Yemeksepeti announced the first quarter results of Yemeksepeti Club, a user loyalty program that entertains and earns. The program, which allows users to earn FoodPoints and get discount coupons through tasks, reached 2.5 million users in a short period of three months. Millions of users who joined Yemeksepeti Club completed at least one task and earned points rewards that can be converted to coupon balance.

The first quarter results of “Yemeksepeti Club”, the user loyalty program launched on March 1 by Yemeksepeti, the pioneer of fast trade in Turkiye, have been announced. Thanks to this program, users can earn MealPoints by performing tasks and convert these points into discount coupons at the reward shop and use them in grocery and food orders.

Remarkable details in Yemeksepeti Club data

Users can benefit from Yemeksepeti Club advantages when they complete the orders related to the tasks. While coupons can be used with online credit card payments for food orders, users who prefer to pay at the door have the chance to earn points for food and grocery orders in all restaurants, all payment types and all delivery methods, depending on the type of task.

According to preliminary data, Yemeksepeti Club tasks stand out as users significantly increase the order frequency. The most loyal user of Yemeksepeti Club, which also reveals the different tendencies of the users, placed 164 orders, the user who earned the most points collected 1035 points, and the user who converted the most points won coupons with 1,000 points.

Culinary preferences and city distribution

In addition, it was observed that the Yemeksepeti Club loyalty program increased the interest in different cuisines and restaurant types. The 5 cuisines that received the most orders were burger, kebab & Turkish cuisine, pizza, chicken and doner, respectively.

In addition, the geographical spread of Yemeksepeti Club is remarkable. After Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, the provinces with the highest number of Yemeksepeti Club orders were Antalya, Bursa, Kocaeli, Muğla and Adana, respectively. These results show that Yemeksepeti Club appeals to a wide user base all over Turkiye.

Take-away (Gel-Al) performance and future goals

Another important performance indicator emerged with the tasks for Take-away orders. The Yemeksepeti Club missions from April 1st to May 10th gave an increase of over 15% to Takeaway orders. With a new and richer version, exploration mission concepts such as Take-away and space exploration are planned to be brought back to life in the coming period.

Thanks to the Gel-Al (Take away) service, which also offers the opportunity to take advantage of the discounts and advantages available at member restaurants, Yemeksepeti users can order from member restaurants close to the address they choose and receive their meals themselves.

The next-term plans of Yemeksepeti Club, which also earns Yemeksepeti Market orders, is to increase diversity. At this point, the integration of Yemeksepeti Mahalle and the opening of special tasks for chain restaurants are planned.

Strengthens Yemeksepeti’s market position

Yemeksepeti Club loyalty program aims to increase loyalty and adopt new services by enabling users to earn coupons as they order food. Comprehensive statistics and future plans demonstrate Yemeksepeti’s determination to continuously improve the user experience and maintain its leading position in the industry.

It is anticipated that the program will attract more users in the future and will further strengthen Yemeksepeti’s market position by increasing the loyalty of existing users. Aiming to continuously improve the program by taking into account user feedback, Yemeksepeti aims to ensure the continuous growth and development of the Yemeksepeti Club loyalty program.

The Yemeksepeti Club user loyalty program is expected to offer millions of users the chance to access millions of coupons and different deals in the coming period.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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