14 startups participating in Sabanci Group’s entrepreneurship program Sabanci ARF

Sabanci Group launched the Sabanci ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) program, which aims to contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and open innovation.

Sabanci Group launched the Sabanci ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) program, which aims to contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and open innovation. Within the scope of the first implementation period of Sabanci ARF, which provides mentoring, cooperation and investment support to early stage startups from within and outside the Group, a total of 14 startups completed their orientation processes and started training and mentoring programs.

Sabanci ARF seed investment up to $150 thousand

Initiatives that will continue to work in the area specially prepared for them at Sabanci Center, the headquarters of Sabanci Holding in Istanbul for 20 weeks, will have the chance to present their projects to the Investment Jury on the final day to be held in March 2023. Entrepreneurs with a positive evaluation will be entitled to a Sabanci ARF seed investment of up to $150 thousand.

Cash support opportunity up to $30 thousand

Initiatives included in Sabanci ARF benefit from different support and mentoring opportunities, depending on the stage they are in, by working with expert consultants. In addition to this consultancy, they can use the resources of the Sabanci Group, such as networks and venues, and seize cooperation opportunities with different companies, starting with group companies, through first-hand acquaintance and placement.

Within the scope of the program, up to $30,000 cash support is provided to entrepreneurs to develop a product or service prototype, make the first customer contact or increase the number of invoices.

544 applications received in 16 days

The application processes of Sabanci ARF, which is open to all entrepreneurs from outside the Group as well as Sabanci Group employees, were completed in September. In line with Sabanci’s Community Promise and strategic priorities, the entrepreneurs added their ideas in the fields of “Digital Technologies”, “Climate Technologies” and “Advanced Material Technologies”, which are defined as the “new economy”, to the application files together with their road maps, based on the “Sustainability” axis.

A total of 544 applications were made to the program, which was held for the first time this year, within 16 days, 20% from within the community and 80% from outside the community. Of the 14 selected initiatives, 50% focus on digital technologies, 43% focus on climate technologies, and 7% focus on advanced material technologies.

The startups selected for the Sabanci ARF program are as follows:

Avokadio: It measures the ketone and ammonia gases in the breath of the user with the portable breath analysis device it has developed, and enables the person to receive personal nutrition recommendations based on metabolism data with its mobile application.

Blueit: Develops a hardware and software-based “Water Management Platform” that monitors and optimizes water consumption in industry and buildings in real time.

BPREG: Develops and manufactures high-performance, lightweight, recyclable and low-cost bio-composites from plant fibers and thermoplastic polymers.

Kozalak: With the Kozalak Fire Early Detection System, which is produced with its unique hardware and software, a sensor-based mesh network system is formed.

Kostebek: Adding the visual recognition system and route optimization developed with the artificial intelligence model to its mobile application, Kostebek aims to create an e-waste recycling mobile application in the local and global market.

Leadport: Offers a cloud-based mobile CRM (Lead Management) application that helps you manage your business and customers from anywhere.

Newky: It offers a new digital key experience that allows vehicles to identify their users with two-factor authentication.

Phoenix Energy: Thanks to its unique palladium membrane, Phoenix is able to separate hydrogen gas from all gases in a pure way.

TheClico: With its artificial intelligence-supported solutions, it automatically collects all feedback, online reviews and customer data on a single platform, allowing the evaluation of customer expectations and needs.

Re-tech: It produces smart recycling boxes that enable the collection and tracking of bottles against a deposit from the user.

Hizmetinle Al: A platform that connects the business model for after-sales services after online shopping.

MIOTE: An AI-powered maintenance assistant that monitors electrical machines, detects their abnormality and learns continuously.

Kiduttle: It offers a new generation transportation service model that helps parents spend their time more efficiently by meeting the transportation needs of children to courses and different activities in a safe and comfortable way.

Garantim Sensin: A digital warranty process solution that provides easy access to product services and tracking of warranty processes of products on a single platform.

Source: Webrazzi / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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