6th OIZ will be established in Gaziantep for shoemakers

Gaziantep, where Turkey’s largest Organized Industrial Zone is located in 5 different areas, will also host the 6th OIZ with the new zone established for shoemakers.

Gaziantep Shoe Slippers and Sub-Industry Specialization Organized Industrial Zone, whose establishment works are carried out by Gaziantep Chamber of Industry (GSO), will be established on an area of 880 thousand square meters. Gaziantep Shoe Specialized OIZ, whose establishment protocol was approved by the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank and whose legal personality was registered by the General Directorate of Industrial Zones, will be established in the Korkun Region of the Oguzeli district.

OIZ, which will start land allocations after the expropriation procedures and project approvals to be carried out, is expected to make significant contributions to the industry, exports and employment of the city and the region. Together with the OIZ, which will gather the footwear industry and enable higher value-added productions under better conditions, it is also aimed to create brands belonging to Gaziantep and increase the branding rate.

Ali Ozpolat, Chairman of the Board of Gaziantep Shoe Slippers and Sub-Industry Specialization Organized Industrial Zone, said that the OIZ will increase the production capacity of Gaziantep and the region and add value to the country’s economy in every respect. Ozpolat stated that Gaziantep is at the forefront of the shoe production centers in Turkey, but that in order to achieve the targeted results, progress must be made especially in the areas of brand, design and promotion.

Stating that Gaziantep Shoe Specialization OIZ will contribute to the local development and enrichment of the city with its role in branding and promotion, Ozpolat noted that the sector, which continues to grow in the city, has a great competitiveness potential and that this situation will create important incentives and opportunities for the investors of Shoe Specialization OIZ.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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