Blockchain-based metaverse platform Longstage received an investment over a ₺4 million valuation

Blockchain-based metaverse platform Longstage, which takes users’ virtual experience to another dimension, received its first investment from IFASTurk CEO Mesut Senel over a valuation of ₺4 million.

The investment signing ceremony was held at JustWork during the Startup Investment Summit event organized by inf4startups.

An innovative and disruptive metaverse platform is coming

Longstage aims to be a blockchain-based metaverse platform that offers high-graphics areas for users to reach the ultimate in metaverse experience. Users will be able to create their own living spaces in the Longstage Metaverse universe and design these spaces according to their taste. On the other hand, users will be able to enrich the asset library with three-dimensional objects of their own design and earn income from each sale.

All these virtual assets will be saved as NFTs in users’ crypto wallets and can be used on other blockchain-based platforms. Users will be able to securely protect these virtual assets by pulling them into their cold wallets.

The company’s new year goals and future vision

Onur Yordem, founder of Longstage: “I have been interested in sociology and art throughout my life. I always wanted to sprout on a venture by blending these two issues. Based on the metaverse discourse and its promises, I thought that I could combine these two issues on a metaverse technology and set off. The fact that this is actually being paid off now gives me hope for the future. Yes, the metaverse is a disruptive technology. We want Longstage to be a platform as destructive as the metaverse discourse and we are working in this direction. Our goal is to publish our first version on April 11, 2023, the first anniversary of our company, and meet the user. There is a feverish work in the background now. We are currently working with a team of 9 people. We plan to grow our team and develop our product with the investments we have received. We will also organize new investment tours in the future. 2023 will be the year of Longstage. Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout this process.”

Mesut Senel, who invested in Longstage individually: “We established Onur’s company together in April 2022. We met for the first time at an online event. He had interesting ideas back then and was a confident person. Metaverse is a new concept and a challenging field. Despite this, he has achieved many successes and brought the company to a very good point with his team. I said it’s time to leap for Longstage and we made our first investment before closing the year. I trust Onur and his team to achieve great things.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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