Dataskope: Early warning system against data threats from Turk Telekom

Karmasis, a cyber security company specializing in data security, signed a new cooperation with Turk Telekom. The ‘Dataskope’ product was developed with local engineers.

Turkey’s largest cyber security operator Turk Telekom, together with local and national cyber security companies, develops new technologies and tries to localize critical products. In this context, Turk Telekom developed the ‘Dataskope’ product with local engineers in cooperation with the cyber security company Karmasis, which has a say in the field of data security. Turk Telekom continues its cyber security efforts with the support it gives to the domestic and national ecosystem. In this context, Turk Telekom, which develops products and carries out business development activities with domestic manufacturers, will use Dataskope (Database Activity Monitoring), which contributes to productization, detects threats in advance and takes precautions against data breaches in data security. The technology, developed in cooperation with 100% local and national cyber security company Karmasis and Turk Telekom, will be a part of Turk Telekom’s data security chain.


The Dataskope (Database Activity Monitoring) solution, which will be a part of Turk Telekom’s data security chain together with the industry leaders, will ensure that the transactions made by the administrators and third-party contacts on the database are recorded in all databases containing personal and critical information. Karmasis Professional Services Director Ahmet Elibol said, “Research shows that 70% of institutions experience cloud-related data breaches in 2020. In this process, we observe that companies that put security in the background are damaged and face dangers. We ensure the security of data by monitoring the activities in database systems with our solution called Dataskope (Database Activity Monitoring), which offers a holistic approach to prevent these violations.”


Ibrahim Gelegin, Data Security Team Manager at Turk Telekom, said “As the institution with the largest cyber security center in Turkey, we aim to reduce our country’s import items such as hardware, software and licenses by supporting the domestic and national ecosystem, and to serve our corporate customers with our domestic product and service portfolio. In this direction, we both develop domestic products and carry out business development activities with domestic manufacturers.” Dataskope, which helps to make necessary warnings and take precautions on time by recording the transactions instantly, performs this process without the need for Audit Enable/Disable on the database. In addition, it prevents the manipulation of records of transactions on the database and ensures that records are taken in accordance with regulations.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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