eTasin, which manages relocation services from end to end, received an investment of $365 thousand

Bringing a brand new breath to the relocation service industry, eTasin has announced that it has received a total investment of $365 thousand in the seed round.

Some angel investors from TRAngels and Q Angels and some non-networked angel investors participated in the investment tour led by Namik Kural, Emre Kozlu, Sacit Sungu and Aydin Mizrahi.

Among the angel investors participating in the tour, it is among the shared information that there are very experienced professionals in the fields of supply chain, logistics, operations and digital transformation.

Founded by Ozan Ozdemir and Kadir Nezih Elgun in 2019 and also an ITU Cekirdek initiative, eTasin has provided more than 2500 transportation services since its establishment.

eTasin is a “next generation transportation company” that owns and carries out the process by positioning itself between the end users in need and the business partners who will provide the service in the highly dispersed goods transportation sector. In this sector, which is almost completely represented by traditional service providers, eTasin’s most important value proposition is to provide its customers with a corporate, reliable interlocutor and quality, standard service processes.

eTasin, which can offer end-to-end services such as insurance, paint, cleaning, disinfection, key change, assembly that may be needed before, during or after the move, in the concept of “turnkey moving”, aims to make it possible for its customers to save significant time in this way.

In the special statement given by the founders to egirisim the following was stated;

“With this investment, we aim to maximize efficiency with on-board load optimization and route optimization. In addition, our priority is the customer experience, so we will continue to develop our products at a level that will make this experience perfect. In our next investment tour, we will take our first step abroad.”

In addition to the house-to-house moving service offered to individual customers; eTasin is in the process of scaling services such as office relocation, house moving abroad, and storage; It also offers solutions in high quality, fast and fair conditions, based on institutionalism, for the transportation needs of different qualities, especially after the painful earthquake disaster. Ozan and Kadir, the founding partners of eTasin, express that they are already fully managing the emergency and large-scale relocation processes of multiple production facilities, hospitals, banks and higher education institutions, and they are also happy to be the facilitator and supporter of these critical measures.

Defining itself as a technology startup, eTasin moves forward with the vision of becoming the largest home, office and piece goods moving company first in Turkiye and then in the region. In addition to strengthening its technology and team with the investment it has received, it will focus on improving its operational capacity and processes in which it will integrate AI-supported solutions.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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