In the electric car sector the brands turned their direction to Turkiye

The increase in electric car sales in Turkiye enabled brands to turn their attention to Turkiye. While many brands offered their ambitious electric models for sale in the Turkish market throughout the year, Tesla also posted job postings for its headquarters in Turkiye.

According to the data compiled from the Automotive Distributors and Mobility Association (ODMD), Turkish automobile and light commercial vehicle sales decreased by 1% in January-November 2022 compared to the same period of the previous year and amounted to 668 thousand 63 units. In the said period, automobile sales decreased by 2.4% to 505 thousand 886 units, while light commercial vehicle sales increased by 3.4% to 162 thousand 177 units.

When the automobile market was evaluated by engine type, it was seen that the decline in diesel engine automobile sales continued. The fact that manufacturers offer fewer diesel-powered vehicles to the market compared to previous years is also considered to be one of the important factors in the decline in diesel sales.

Electric car sales increased by 157.3%

In the Turkish automobile market, in the 11 months of this year, gasoline cars took the first place with 353 thousand 529 sales, while diesel cars took the second place with 87 thousand 45 units.

While hybrid car sales were 51 thousand 504 units, autogas car sales were recorded as 7 thousand 594 units and electric car sales as 6 thousand 214 units.

In January-November 2021, 342 thousand 245 gasoline, 104 thousand 218 diesel, 45 thousand 190 hybrid, 24 thousand 226 autogas and 2,415 electric cars were sold.

Thus, in the said period, sales of electric cars increased by 157.3% and hybrid car sales increased by 14%.

Tesla started recruiting staff in Turkiye

The development of electric mobility in Turkiye has attracted the attention of many brands.

Tesla, the most well-known electric car brand in the world, is also opening to Turkiye. Tesla, which started its attack in Turkiye with the super-fast charging stations it has established, has now given a recruitment announcement for its Turkiye headquarters. According to the information on the official website of the company, the first service center will be opened in Istanbul Besiktas.

The center here is looking for personnel in the positions of “mobile service technicians, automotive mechanics/technicians, service consultant, parts consultant, automotive supervisor, Tesla consultant and supercharger business development leader”.

Sources close to the subject state that the official announcement regarding the service in Istanbul will be made in early 2023.

New electric models keep coming

Many brands offered their ambitious models, which they announced before, for sale in the Turkish market during the year. German automotive brands such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi have many electric models in the Turkish market. In addition to these, the PSA Group also launched the electric versions of Mokka, Corsa and 308 in Turkiye. Hyundai, on the other hand, continued its electric journey, which started with Kona, with the highly acclaimed IONIQ 5 model.

In addition, Chinese companies continue to show interest in the Turkish market. In addition to the Skywell brand, the electric models of Chery, which has returned to Turkiye, are expected to be on the roads of Turkiye.

The interest in electric cars brought with it the “Electric Car of the Year” vote. In the voting held for the first time in Turkiye, BMW i4, Kia EV6, Mercedes-Benz EQE, Skywell ET5, Subaru Solterra, Tesla Model 3 and Volvo XC40 Recharge were shortlisted, while Skywell ET5 was chosen as the best electric car of the year.

On the other hand, besides electric cars, the number of hybrid motor cars, which are another part of electric mobility, is also increasing. Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid and Corolla Cross Hybrid were the prominent hybrid models of the year, while other brands continued to bring hybrid models in a similar way.

The data and developments pointed out that the share of electric and hybrid cars, which are becoming widespread in the world, from the Turkish automobile market is at low levels. Despite the low number of units, the growth rate of sales reveals the interest of consumers in electric cars.

The market share of “green cars” is expected to increase further with Togg entering the market in March 2023 and with developments in the world.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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