Istanbul surpassed 80 provinces and became the leader in chemical exports with $1.3 billion worth of exports

With its export of chemicals and products worth $1.3 billion, Istanbul surpassed the total export of chemicals and products of 80 provinces.

According to information compiled from the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) data, Turkiye’s chemical substances and products exports increased by 2% in January compared to the same period last year, reaching $2.3 billion.

Chemical substances and their products were recorded as Turkiye’s 2nd largest export sector in this period.

Istanbul alone realized $1.3 billion of the exports in question. Companies from Istanbul met 55.5% of Turkiye’s total exports of chemicals and products.

The total exports of Turkiye’s 80 provinces in the sector reached $1 billion 43 million in January. Thus, Istanbul surpassed the total export of chemicals and products of 80 provinces.

Chemical exports of 3 provinces exceeded $100 million

In January, Istanbul was followed by Kocaeli with $368.3 million, Izmir with $145.2 million and Ankara with $125.1 million in chemical exports. With this result, 3 provinces exceeded $100 million in exports of Turkiye’s chemicals and products.

These provinces were followed by Gaziantep with $98.1 million, Bursa with $65.1 million, Adana with $48 million, Tekirdağ with $25.4 million, Mersin with $18.2 million, and Antalya with $17.3 million.

The province that increased its exports of chemical substances and products the most in terms of value was Kocaeli. Kocaeli’s exports of chemicals and products increased by $109.3 million in January compared to the same period last year.

The sector recorded an export increase of $19.1 million in Gaziantep, $17.3 million in Ankara, $11.7 million in Bursa and $3.5 million in Mersin.

Ankara achieved chemical exports of $125.1 million in January.

The highest demand for the sector came from the Netherlands

In January, the sector made the most exports to the Netherlands with $148.1 million.

The Netherlands was followed by the USA with $139.6 million, Italy with $128.7 million, Romania with $108.8 million and Spain with $103.4 million. When the sub-commodity groups of the sector are examined, the highest export was made in chemical plastics and products with $676.6 million.

In January, mineral fuels, mineral oils and products worth $631.2 million, inorganic chemicals worth $234.2 million, rubber and rubber goods worth $130.9 million, essential oils and cosmetics worth $106.4 million were exported.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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