Local space technologies startup Hello Space sent two more satellites into space

Following the successful performance of the Istanbul satellite, Hello Space took the second big step in internet of things technology with its two new satellites called Hello Test. As part of the collaboration with SpaceX, the company sent two new satellites into space, increasing the number of satellites in space to three.

Hello Space, Turkiye’s leading mobile satellite network and IoT startup, sent its first satellite Istanbul into space with the SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket in June and achieved significant success.

Following this success, the company took its second big step. Hello Space is strengthening its vision of providing data services with the Internet of Things technology on a global scale, with its two new satellites called Hello Test, which it sent into space on November 11. At the same time, Hello Space’s satellites named Hello Test were separated from the Spacex Falcon-9 rocket with the launch mechanism produced by the company itself. In addition to the pocket satellites it produces, Hello Space also developed a release mechanism, thus breaking another important first in the field of space technologies in Turkiye.

The company, which has achieved significant success with Hello Space’s first test satellite, “Istanbul”, aims to meet the data needs in different sectors, especially the industrial and agricultural sectors around the world. “Hello Test” satellites aim to provide wide coverage and high performance with their small size, which is a new generation technology. Hello Space satellites will cover every point of the world and enable periodic data communication with internet of things technology. This technology aims to provide effective solutions in areas such as monitoring industrial processes, increasing efficiency and monitoring environmental impact.

Hello Space CEO Muzaffer Duysal made the following statements about the “Hello Test” satellites being sent into space after the successful launch of the “Istanbul” satellite:

“With this new step, we are entering a brand new era to meet global industrial and agricultural data needs. “Hello Test” satellites will be groundbreaking in this field with their technological capabilities and wide coverage area.”

Zafer Sen, co-founder of the company and CEO of OBSS, said in his statement:

“Hello Space, as a technology company with 3 satellites in space in 1.5 years, is rapidly running towards success. Significant successes await us in many sectors and industries with our satellites.”

Hello Space, which has achieved significant success with its first satellite “Istanbul” and is one of Turkiye’s leading initiatives in space technologies, aims to expand its influence on a global scale and start a new era in many different sectors around the world, primarily in energy, environment and smart urbanism.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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