Nissan, Mitsubishi considering to invest in Renault’s new electric car brand

Renault aims to list Ampere in Europe in 2nd half of 2023, says statement

Nissan Motor and Mitsubishi Motors may invest in Renault’s new electric vehicle company Ampere, the French automaker said Tuesday.

“Renault Group revolutionizes itself focusing resources on the value chains arising from the transformation of the automotive and mobility industry: electric vehicles (EV), software, new mobility services, circular economy, in addition to ICE (internal combustion engine) & hybrid vehicles,”it said in a statement.

The French automaker said it aims to list the new company in Europe in the second half of 2023, opening to external investors to hasten R&D and ecosystem development.

Ampere, which will be based in France and employ about 10,000 people, will also develop software for cars besides manufacturing and selling fully electric passenger vehicles, according to Renault.


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