Online PR Service B2Press increased its business volume by 104% and revenues by 164% in 2022

Online PR Service B2Press announced its 2022 performance. Last year, it increased its business volume by 104% and its turnover by 163% by serving more than 450 brands. It increased its press releases in 25 languages globally by 62% compared to the previous year, to 1,911. Special news and interview work increased by 375% to 874.

Online PR Service B2Press, which has been providing PR services to brands with the “pay-as-you-go” model since 2016, increased its business volume by 104% and its turnover by 163% by working with more than 450 brands in 2022. While the engine of the increase in business volume was the distribution of international press releases with an increase of 280%, the share of foreign revenues in total turnover approached half.

Stating that 2022 is a year beyond the expectations, B2Press Managing Partner Ediz Tokabas said, “We have developed new strategies in order to manage the increasing business volume efficiently. Although we did not invest a significant amount in media buying, 2022 was a period when we were able to hold on to the market, significantly increase our brand awareness and commercialize it.”

Averaged 103 reflections with each press release

Online PR Service B2Press increased its worldwide press release distributions by 62% compared to the previous year, to 1,911. Each press release received an average of 103 press reflections, with a total of 146,368 reflections. It also increased the number of special news and interview works, which it provided to be published in different channels, by 375%, to 874.

Most press release distribution in Dubai/UAE, Europe and USA

B2Press produced 1,421 press releases and 823 special news/interviews in Turkiye last year. On the other hand, with the cooperation of 55 different news agencies and media databases abroad, 490 press releases were sent and 51 special news/interviews were conducted. Distributing press releases in 25 languages globally, the company served the most press releases in Dubai/UAE, Europe and the USA. In addition, the months in which the most press releases were distributed were October, November and December.

Launched digital content service B2Press Plus

B2Press, which also received demand from new markets such as Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Iraq, Malaysia, Indonesia, continued to grow abroad with its new products and services throughout 2022. It launched the digital content service called B2Press Plus, based on the demands of its existing customers. Aiming to enrich the world of discourse of brands within the scope of the service, which has not been launched yet, the company has started to produce special content, mainly white papers, blog posts, website content, competitor, agenda and trend analyzes for leading cyber security, corporate software providers and holdings. .

B2Press, which works with more than 450 companies operating in different sectors such as SAP Turkiye, Zer, Philips, VitrA, RE/MAX, Roksi, CoinW, Express VPN, SPARK, The Stevie Awards, True Global Ventures; also diversified its business and income with its TV program, launch events and digital media projects it prepared for brands in 2022.

The expectation from 2023 is even greater

Ediz Tokabas, Managing Partner of B2Press, explained the company’s targets for 2023 as follows: “Our 2023 targets are much bigger than the year we left behind. First of all, we plan to take the projects we target, such as the content management system, live. As in Turkiye, we continue our negotiations to make agreements with important broadcasting groups in Europe. By diversifying our revenues with our digital content service, B2Press Plus, we aim to be affected by possible volatility in our target markets at the minimum level.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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