Stifel Shares Predictions Ahead of Nvidia’s Anticipated Conference

Nvidia (NVDA (NASDAQ:NVDA)) is gearing up to be the center of attention next week as it hosts its first in-person GPU Technology Conference in five years. CEO Jensen Huang will deliver an opening speech on Monday, March 18th at the event.

In a note released on Friday, Stifel analysts stated that they anticipate strong focus on NVDA’s platform strategy in addition to expected updates on product development plans.

This approach is designed to serve a broad spectrum of accelerated computing use cases, including artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, automotive technologies, and the Omniverse platform.

Analysts remarked, “We believe NVDA’s success in artificial intelligence is fundamentally linked to its ability to efficiently perform various data center tasks at scale.”

With the shift in focus from general-purpose computing based on x86 architecture to accelerated computing, which the semiconductor company identifies as a potential $1 trillion market, analysts expect Nvidia to detail the characteristics of the company’s ‘AI Foundry’ services and the ‘AI Factory’ data center model, which could represent an additional $1 trillion market opportunity.

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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