Turkey: 10-month pistachio exports exceeded all of 2020

Pistachio exports from Turkey in the January-October period of this year reached $158 million 248 thousand, exceeding the export figure of last year by 33%. Mehmet Kaya, Chairman of Sanliurfa Commodity Exchange, said, “The high export figures are very important for the development of our country’s economy and the increase in the commercial volume.”

According to the compilation of the Southeastern Anatolian Exporters’ Association (GAİB) data by AA correspondent, $118 million 923 thousand of pistachio exports were made in 2020.

In the 10-month period of this year, $158 million 248 thousand of pistachios were sold.

During this period, 15 thousand 126 tons of pistachios were exported to 103 countries, including Canada, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Morocco, Japan, India, Malaysia, Maldives, Cuba and Russia.

Italy took the lead among the countries that Turkey exports the most pistachios to. Turkey sold $38 million 819 thousand of pistachios to Italy in the first 10 months of this year. Germany followed Italy with $27 million 583 thousand and Israel with $9 million 396 thousand.


Sanliurfa Commodity Exchange Board Chairman Mehmet Kaya told AA correspondent that Sanliurfa, which has the highest number of pistachio trees in Turkey, has again won the first place in pistachio production for years.

Emphasizing that the vital importance of agriculture-based production has become much clearer due to the worldwide drought and epidemic, Kaya stated that efforts to increase agricultural production should continue.

Noting that the increase in foreign trade is pleasing for Sanliurfa, where peanut production is the highest, Kaya said:

“It is very pleasing that the peanut export figures exceeded last year in the first 10 months of 2021. We expect these export figures to rise even higher by the end of the year. High export figures are very important for the development of our country’s economy and the increase in trade volume. If this acceleration is reflected in Sanliurfa, of course, it positively affects our farmers and traders. We want the export figures to reach even better points by increasing the production by supporting all agricultural activities of our producers.”

Explaining that their efforts are continuing in Sanliurfa, which is the leader in production, for the commercial use of peanuts, Kaya said, “Our efforts to bring a licensed peanut warehouse to the region continue. It is essential to establish a licensed peanut warehouse in our province, which breaks records every year in terms of harvest. The pistachio licensed warehouse project is an important step towards branding by increasing the commercial value of Urfa pistachios. Hopefully, when we succeed in these efforts, as in our grain licensed warehouse and cotton licensed warehouse projects, Urfa will be remembered as a city that makes a difference in terms of both our farmers, our traders and our country’s economy.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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