Turkish Lira Stable Cryptocurrency TRYB is now listed on Curve Finance and Hashflow

Stable crypto company BiLira has announced that TRYB is listed on finance apps Curve Finance and Hashflow.

BiLira announced that TRYB is listed on Curve Finance and Hashflow, its Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications. TRYB indexed to Turkish lira can be exchanged for stable cryptocurrency derivatives on both platforms.

BiLira stated that with these listings, it offers users the solution to make transactions with Turkish lira (TL) and to enter/exit with TL in decentralized finance applications on the blockchain. Apart from clearing transactions, users can also participate in the liquidity pools created under the leadership of BiLira with their crypto money assets.

Representing the Turkish lira on decentralized finance applications through TRYB, the BiLira team argues that DeFi applications will attract even more attention by Turkish users by 2023. BiLira stated that it plans to take part in several decentralized finance applications this year, following Curve Finance and Hashflow.

Curve Finance was launched by Michael Egorov in January 2020 to provide a decentralized exchange built with automated market maker (AMM) architecture and optimize the trading of financial assets in the crypto ecosystem. As of January 2023, Curve is currently ranked 4th in total liquidity in decentralized finance platforms with approximately $3.6 billion in assets.

BiLira CEO and co-founder Sinan Koc said, “We believe that with the year 2023, especially Decentralized Finance applications will be paved with renewed confidence. We want to continue to represent the Turkish lira in innovative technology areas such as decentralized finance.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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