Turkish software company Global Future Designs And Solutions received $5 million investment

Turkish software company Global Future Designs And Solutions (GFDS) will enter the global market with an initial investment of $5 million.

GFDS, which has implemented more than 200 augmented reality (XR) projects in many sectors such as industry, education and entertainment, especially the defense industry since 2013, continues its activities with the aim of becoming Turkiye’s new “Unicorn”.

GFDS, which carries out its activities at METU Technokent Informatics and Innovation Center and was selected as “Facebook’s official ISV Partner in Turkiye” as of 2022, received an initial investment of $5 million. With this investment, the company will accelerate its efforts to enter the global market.

It will offer opportunities for talented young people

Ozlem Cingiloglu, who manages $8 billion of funds on a global scale and has signed the investment processes of important brands, is in the investment group of GFDS. Cingiloglu will lead the efforts to open up to the international market with the responsibility he assumed at GFDS.

Cingiloglu, who has international experience in defence, renewable energy and innovation, stated that they took the decision to invest in GFDS considering the company’s sufficient knowledge.

Emphasizing that their main target is the global market, Cingiloglu said:

“Time is very valuable now. We think that quality-oriented companies with sufficient competence from new generation platform developers will also be good players in the global market. Human resources play the most important role in our success story. For this reason, we find it important to give talented young people working in Turkiye an opportunity to show themselves in the global arena. One of our future goals with this investment will be to provide young people with the opportunity to work at international standards and to place these talented young people in foreign offices that we will open in the future.”

There’s the “internet of the future” on the roadmap

The next roadmap of the company will be to implement the crypto blockchain-based applications developed in the fields of education, health, real estate, games, art/NFT and fashion in Web 3 and metaverse platforms, defined as the internet of the future, in different digital universes, especially in the GFDS Icarus Universe.

Giving information about these targets, GFDS Senior Manager Mert Oguzata stated that the meetings they held with world brands throughout 2022 are in the final stage.

Oguzata said, “We will soon achieve global success that will make all of Turkiye proud. Since the day we were founded, our biggest goal has been to do things that will make a difference in the world. For this, we continue to develop know-how as a team. Our next goal will be to carry the platforms we have established together with the biggest actors of our industry to the global level and continue to produce human-oriented technology.”

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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