Turkish Treasury posts $12.8 Billion cash deficit in January-February

Treasury’s interest payments amounted to $5.1B last month, ministry says

The Turkish Treasury’s cash balance saw a deficit of 405.4 billion Turkish liras ($12.8 billion) in January February, the Treasury and Finance Ministry announced on Thursday.

Last month, the Treasury’s cash revenues totaled 1.18 trillion Turkish liras ($37 billion).

Its expenditures including interest payments of 161.8 billion Turkish liras ($5.08 billion) amounted to 1.59 trillion Turkish liras ($49.8 billion).

In the two-month period, the treasury’s non-interest expenditures amounted to 1.43 trillion Turkish liras ($44.8 billion).

The cash deficit of $12.7 billion represents the Treasury’s cash revenues minus expenditures, including interest payments, in the January-February period.

Source: aa

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