Water price increased by 25% in Istanbul

In the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Council, water prices were increased by 25%.

In the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Assembly, the 2nd Extraordinary General Assembly of ISKI was held in the municipality building in Sarachane under the chairmanship of the 2nd Deputy Chairman of the Assembly, Omer Faruk Kalayci.

The ISKI water sales and used water disposal tariff proposal was discussed at the board.

In the proposal, it was suggested that the current price of ₺16.50 in the 1st stage in the house for 0-15 cubic meters should be ₺20.62, and in the 2nd stage the price of ₺23.75 for up to 30 cubic meters should be ₺29.68, in the 3rd stage, the price of 31 cubic meters and above should be increased from ₺32.34 to ₺40.42.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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