9 startups made presentations on Yapi Kredi Fast FRWRD acceleration program demo day

Yapi Kredi Fast FRWRD Acceleration Program Demo Day event was held as part of the Innovation Week, which Yapi Kredi held to reinforce its leadership in innovation and contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Initiatives accepted to the Yapi Kredi Fast FRWRD program, which provides training, mentoring, consultancy and investor matching opportunities to startups that develop products and services with blockchain technologies, came together with investors and important stakeholders of the ecosystem and made their presentations. “Fast FRWRD Blockchain Acceleration Program”, the first of the Yapi Kredi FRWRD Acceleration Programs, carried out in partnership with Avalanche and Yapi Kredi, ended with the demo day where 9 startups made their project presentations.

“We support the entrepreneurship ecosystem”

Yakup Dogan, Assistant General Manager of Yapi Kredi, said: “As Yapi Kredi, we set out to remove the limits in the field of digital banking many years ago with the vision of building the banking of the future today. We can say that with our investments and innovative ideas we have produced, we have transformed these ideas into innovations like a technology company. With Yapi Kredi FRWRD, we want to create a culture of innovation both inside and outside the company, to develop this culture and to establish strong collaborations with this ecosystem that we have developed.”

Startups That Made Presentations at Fast FRWRD Demo Day

  • Longstage: Blockchain-based metaverse platform that allows users to do business, have fun and stay connected.
  • Coimex: A new generation international B2B import-export system based on blockchain that helps to solve the problem of trust in foreign trade.
  • Babel 3.0: An e-book marketplace platform moved to the Metaverse vertical that allows publishers to produce and sell e-books in NFT format, and access e-books to readers via subscription.
  • OpenPad: A launchpad and decentralized venture capital, where individual investors can invest in early-stage Web3 startups with insurance support capitals starting from $1, and Web3 startups can also take investments and go public.
  • Ametrica: An on-chain analytics platform that makes data-driven investing easy.
  • Negentra: Negentra is a metaverse-as-a-service initiative that develops the socialization platform called Sociapol.
  • Court: A basketball management game played with upgradeable and rentable NFT cards, which sustainably distributes revenues generated by decentralized finance protocols to its users and investors.
  • Enno Wallet: A mobile crypto wallet and decentralized finance access gateway where hot/cold wallet services are provided by the user.
  • Tourist: A mobile application that aims to make virtual travel easy and accessible while earning tokens while traveling.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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