Exports of $2.3 billion from the automotive sector in May

Turkiye’s automotive industry exports in May amounted to $2.3 billion.

According to the statement made by the Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters’ Association (OIB), the automotive industry, which has been the leading sector of Turkiye’s exports for 16 consecutive years, reached $2.3 billion in May, an increase of 22% compared to the same month of the previous year.

The share of the industry, which ranks second in Turkiye’s exports, from the country’s exports was recorded as 12.1%.

In the January-May period, total exports in the automotive industry increased by 4% to $12.5 billion, while the average monthly export was $2.5 billion.

Looking at the sub-product groups of the automotive industry, exports in the “supply industry” decreased by 0.4% to $921 million in May, while exports of “passenger cars” increased by 11% to $758 million. Exports of “motor vehicles for transporting goods” increased by 288% to $378 million, and exports of “bus-minibus-midibuses” decreased by 6% to $87 million.

High rate of increase in exports to France and the United Kingdom

Exports to Germany, the largest market on a country basis, decreased by 1% and amounted to $315 million.

Automotive exports to France, the second largest market, amounted to $304 million with an increase of 26%, and $220 million to the third largest market, the United Kingdom, with an increase of 89%.

Again, 30% increase in exports to Italy, 59% to Spain, 23% to the USA, 26% to Poland, 303% to Slovenia, 82% to Belgium, 39% to Russia, and Morocco, which are among the important markets. Exports decreased by 21% to the Netherlands, by 39% to Egypt, by 63%, and to Hungary by 46%.

Exports to the European Union, which is the largest market on the basis of country group, increased by 24% and reached $1 billion 540 million in May. The share of EU countries was measured as 67%. Last month, 30% increase in exports to the North American Free Trade Area, 26% to Middle Eastern countries and 74% to other European countries.

“We have reached the highest export growth rate on a monthly basis this year”

OIB Chairman of the Board Baran Celik, whose views are included in the statement, reminded that some companies in the main industry had to pause production in May last year due to the chip problem.

Emphasizing that especially commercial vehicle exports were adversely affected by the implementation of full closure measures in the pandemic, Celik said, “In May of this year, there was a very high increase of 288% in the exports of motor vehicles for transporting goods, with the base effect. In total, we reached the highest increase in exports on a monthly basis this year, with an increase of 22%.”

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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