Re-Pie invested $8 million in Ace Games and $500,000 in Uzman Ciftci

Investing in technology and innovation-oriented business models, Re-Pie Portfolio continues its investments without slowing down. While Re-pie invested $8 million in Ace Games, it invested $500 thousand in the digital farming platform Uzman Ciftci.

Re-Pie Portfolio, Turkiye’s first alternative investment fund management company to have an operating license, continues to grow with new investments in different fields.

Taking the lead in the entrepreneurial ecosystem with investments such as Getir, Colendi, Easycep and Modanisa, Re-Pie also focused on the game industry and made investments in Tipplay and Arvis Games.

Re-Pie has now invested $8 million over GDP in Ace Games, where Playtika led the Series A investment round with an investment of $25 million.

Another investment of Re-Pie Portfolio was in the digital agriculture platform Uzman Ciftci. Re-Pie, Portfolio Management, has invested $500 thousand in the digital agriculture platform Uzman Ciftci through the Startup 1 Venture Capital Investment Fund.

“We will be a part of Ace Games’ success story”

Mehmet Ali Ergin, Deputy Chairman of Re-Pie Portfolio Board of Directors, said the following about his new investments: “As Re-Pie, we continue to expand our portfolio by investing in startups with high growth potential and technology and innovation-oriented business models. The gaming industry is one of the industries we focus on. We believe that Fiona’s Farm game and its metrics and Ace Games have high development potential in this area. We are extremely happy to contribute to a great success story by investing $8 million in Ace Games through Ace Games GDP.”

“Uzman Ciftci will show high performance in a short time”

Ergin continued his words as follows: “We are also very excited about our digital agriculture platform Uzman Ciftci, where we invested $500 thousand through our other investment, the Startup 1 Venture Capital Investment Fund. In this period when food security and inflation pose a problem all over the world, Uzman Ciftci optimizes the entire process, from the production planning of tens of thousands of farmers to the supply management of the retailer, with the technology it has developed. We consider Uzman Ciftci as an initiative with a very high potential that provides both social and economic benefits, and we believe that it will show high performance in a short time.”

Developing games for iOS and Android platforms, Ace Games is launching Serial Burglar and Prison Life! released its games. In 2021, Ace Games took the first place in the US App Store with its Mix and Drink game, surpassing other applications in all categories.

Established with the vision of creating Turkiye’s most efficient and largest Supply Chain platform and improving the lives of producers, businesses and consumers in a meaningful way, Uzman Ciftci, helps businesses reliably source food and agricultural products from global markets, while empowering buyers with comprehensive market intelligence to make better decisions. It connects food manufacturers directly with retailers, restaurants and service providers using in-house applications that drive end-to-end operations.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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